PHP Auto Replace Multiple Files Content

Previously my best friend told me about his problems in php. He has a bunch of php file that already outdated.These files use php 4 format. He requested me if there is a way to change the format <? used in those files into <?php that used in current php format. Therefore, I made a php script to do such thing.

This script has feature:

  • List all files in current folder except the script it self
  • Read each file one by one
  • Replace requested string
  • Save it
This is the script:
//if file is too many, there is a possibility that the script exceed the max exection time
$this_file = 'index.php';//this is the script file for exception
if ($handle = opendir('.')) {
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
            echo "$file\n";

			if($file != $this_file){

				$handle2 = fopen("$file", "rb");
				$contents = '';
				while (!feof($handle2)) {
				  $contents .= fread($handle2, 8192);
				$contents = str_replace("<?", "<?php", $contents);// for replacing <? into <?php
				//for replacing deprecated function, you need regex
				echo htmlspecialchars($contents).'<hr><br>';

				$fp = fopen("$file", 'w');
				fwrite($fp, $contents);

Just copy the script into a folder where resides the files that you want to replace the content.

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