Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu

Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu

For you that have install Ubuntu in your computer, you may want to Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu. By Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu, the menu when you start your computer may different.

What you need is:

  1. Absolutely, login into your Ubuntu.
  2. Start your terminal.
  3. type “cd /boot/grub/” to change the location of workspace
  4. type “gksudo gedit grub.cfg” to start editing the grub.cfg file
  5. find keyword “menuentry” and edit words inside double quotes after it
  6. Save it and restart

Exp: if you find ‘menuentry “Ubuntu 10.10 on (hd0,1)” { ‘ you may change into ‘menuentry “My Linux on (hd0,1)” {‘. As  a result, your boot menu will change from “Ubuntu 10.10 on (hd0,1)” to “My Linux on (hd0,1)”. Just in case if there is some bad thing happen, you may want to make backup for grub.cfg.

Thats all of this small tutorial about Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu. Hope this Edit Grub2 Menu in Ubuntu will be useful for you.



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