Change Boot Loader Linux

Change Boot Loader Linux, will be very usefull when you already have multiple OS installed in your computer. By Change Boot Loader Linux, you can manage the default boot when the computer start. For example, if you have Windows and Linux installed in your computer, you can change the default boot access could be either Windows or Linux.

What you have to do to Change Boot Loader Linux, is to edit one file in Linux.

  1. Absolutely, login into your Ubuntu.
  2. Start your terminal.
  3. type “cd /etc/default/” to change the location of workspace
  4. type “gksudo gedit grub” to start editing the grub.cfg file
  5. find keyword “GRUB_DEFAULT=0” and edit 0 to some number depend on the grub.cfg.
  6. You may see grub.cfg file in /boot/grub/ for reference while changing the GRUB_DEFAULT
  7. Save it and restart

Thats all of this small tutorial about Change Boot Loader Linux. Hope this Change Boot Loader Linux will be useful for you.


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