Comparison Between Windows and Linux

Comparison Between Windows and Linux

Because of many people still confuse about the differnce between Windows OS and Linux, I tried to give Comparison Between Windows and Linux. Many people already get familiar with Windows, therefore they dont know and dont familiar with linux. Both of them have its own strength and weakneses.

Lets just jump to Comparison Between Windows and Linux.

Comparison Between Windows and Linux Table.

Comparison Windows Linux
Type Close Source Open Source
Price High Very low and also several of them free
Kernel Low Update Fast Update
Security Lower security High Security
Defending Virus Low because too many virus High because little virus
Application Many application that most of them not free Little bit lower and most of them free
New Hardware Instalation Easy More difficult
User Friendly High because many people already familiar with it More difficult, however make it more costumizeable

If we see in above Comparison Between Windows and Linux table, we know that there is to many Linux advantages compare to Windows. Based on the quality of the OS, Linux is more stable. It is because Linux is Open Source OS, so many people participate in building Linux. Therefore Linux become a fast growing OS. Because of its fast growing, make it difficult to build virus for linux. As a result, the virus for linux is little.

On the other hand, windows also have its own benefit. Many popular software including games, are built for windows. That is the reason I prever Windows than Linux. However if you want save syetem, Linux is the answer.

It is depend to you, which one you prefer to use. Linux that has secure system and fast update or Windows that has many compatible popular software. I hope this Comparison Between Windows and Linux article will help you alot.


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