Manipulate 404 Error Message

Manipulate 404 Error Message

Manipulate 404 Error Message is becoming common method today. Many profesional websites have Manipulate 404 Error Message to attract their customer. And it is very common when surfers (Intertnet Surfer I mean) found 404 error message. However, the default of 404 error message is not fancy. Just imagine if the surfers become upset because of the 404 error message. Therefore, Manipulate 404 Error Message become important.

To Manipulate 404 Error Message you only need 2 simple steps.

Frist Editing .htaccess file.

You can add in file ‘.htaccess’ a script ‘ErrorDocument 404 http://your_domain/404_error_handler.html‘. If you can found the file you can make the file from notepad and save it with the name ‘.htaccess’.

This ‘.htaccess’ file will affect the whole directory and sub directory that the file resides. If you want to have different 404 error message for sub directory, you can simply make another new ‘.htaccess’.

Second make file for handling the 404 error

Based on the script above, you have to make a file for handling the 404 error with the name ‘404_error_handler.html’. You can change the name to whatever you like. However, make sure to change the script in ‘.htaccess’.

Run a test, and you will see that Manipulate 404 Error Message is very simple, yet very important.

Good luck, hope this Manipulate 404 Error Message article will be useful for you.


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