Avoid Virus Infection Part 2

Avoid Virus Infection Part 2

Continuing our last post Avoid Virus Infection, we will talk about the second ways to Avoid Virus Infection. In this Avoid Virus Infection Part 2 post, the second step is talking about the way you browse your computer.

Second, Folder Tree

People usually browse from Explorer and double clicking any forlder to browse into the forlder. This can be dangerous. If there is a virus inside the folder that is double clicked by people, the virus can become active. Then how to browse if we cant double click? It is easy, you can browse using the “Folder Tree” in the left side of Explorer.

Folder Tree

Folder Tree

By browsing through Forlder Tree, You will Avoid Virus Infection.

Hope this Avoid Virus Infection Part 2 post is usefull for you.

Good Luck

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