Missing d3dx9_40.dll

Missing d3dx9_40.dll

It is happened last night. I just finish installing a game. When i start the game there is a warning that inform Missing d3dx9_40.dll. The warnings might varies such as “D3dx9_40.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”,”The file d3dx9_40.dll is missing”, etc. And I just know that this problems related to Directx.

I have tried restarting my laptop, and itwont work. The funny thing is, my Directx installed is directx 11, then d3dx9 files should be for directx 9 (if im not mistaken :D). Installing new directx just wont work for me. However I found, a solution for this problem.

These are the steps:

Frist, We download d3dx9_40.dll file directly from internet.

Second, People might say, that we just need to place the d3dx9_40.dll file into C:\Windows\system. However, that might be not a correct way. We need to find out the exact location where the windows system place the directx files. To find out, we need open explorer with the path C:\Windows.

Third, Start searching files that started with “d3dx”. Type it in search windows top right corner.




Fourth, After the result come out, analyze it.



If we see an example figure above we can asume that most of d3dx… files is placed in C:\Windows\System32.

Fifth, Place the d3dx9_40.dll into the right place. In this example it should be C:\Windows\System32.

Sixth, Try again the program.W

Well done, we just solve Missing d3dx9_40.dll problems.

Good luck.



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