Publish Code in WordPress

Publish Code in WordPress

It is may be dificult for people to Publish Code in WordPress. I have tried to use <textarea> and it wont work perfectly. Change < into &lt; is not user friendly. However, Publish Code in WordPress is not that hard.

First, know what code you are using, it might be one of these codes:

Bash —> bash
C++ —> cpp
C# —> csharp
CSS —> css
Delphi —> delphi, pascal
Diff —> diff
Groovy —> groovy
Java —> java
JavaScript —> jscript, javascript
Perl —> perl
PHP —> php
Plain text —> plain, text
Python —> python
Ruby —> ruby
Scala —> scala
SQL —> sql
VB —> vb
XML/HTML —> xml, html, xhtml

Second, type the wordpress tag

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